Monday, May 6

Behind the scenes...

Asked what he would tell young people thinking of a career in photography, Clark was emphatic. "Don't do it," he said. But as his face broke into a grin, he added, "Don't do it unless you want to work harder than you have in your life, and have more fun than you could imagine." - Ed Clark

Been working hard this weekend! I've been continuing with my 'Home away from Home' series but I took a break yesterday and went for a wander in the woodlands… I've actually had this little project in mind for a while and my two lovely ladies helped me achieve it! The idea was to take your typical beauty/fashion shots and instead of advertising jewellery or clothes i wanted to just use plants and nature, instead of using models i wanted to use my beautiful friends and i loved the idea of a natural light, woodland shoot. We had a lovely day's shoot, a lot of fun! For something different I thought I would post the 'behind the scenes' shots!

Obviously there are real photos too so if you'd like to see the actual portraits we took have a peak here

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