Tuesday, May 28

A naked artist, a nice police man and me...

Every good photograph is an opinion; it says something revealing about the subject. Achieving that magical, fleeting moment is the essence of portraiture. It's truly collaboration between photographer and sitter. - Joe Budne

A couple of nights ago I collaborated with an artist friend of mine. She wanted me to photograph her in a small stream near where we live with water gliding over her skin. Using a long exposure we wanted to create a silk-like layer over her body, creating shapes from body parts emerging from the water... 'best laid plans of  mice and men...' and all that!

So, it turned out that the stream was a little shallower than we had anticipated ;-) we couldn't really attempt to get the images we had planned but I am actually quite pleased with shots we got in the end anyway. 
It was a fun experience, public nudity is definitely not something that goes unnoticed by passers by but no-one bothered us as we took the shots. At some points Genna, the artist and collaborator extraordinaire, was standing in her own little world with her head under a small waterfall. She couldn't hear me when I was calling to her asking her to stand still, change position or to tell her the exposure was finished, but we got there in the end... it's got to be said she has some serious 'mind over matter' skills. The water was freezing and she managed to stay solid as a rock and come across as serene and tranquil. Beautiful job Genna.

The shoot came to quite a sudden end as a police man rode past on his motorbike. At this moment, Genna's head was submerged in water and she stood beneath the running water with her eyes closed, blissfully unaware that the police man was even there. Luckily, he was a lovely man and I managed to convince him that for the sake of art I needed to take a couple more shots. He was actually more worried that some bad men could get the wrong idea at this time of night and told us we could be here just not so naked.

Anyway, these images aren't exactly what we were going for but it only gives us room for improvement! Next time we will check the water is deeper than an inch and that nice policemen on motorbikes won't be interrupting us.

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