Wednesday, March 13

Baked bread, malteser muffins and cheesy feet...

So, as I have posted before, I have been photographing the 'Taste of cornwall' series and last week we were with Tom and Nicky at the Quay Bakery in Fowey.
Freshly baked bread, rather tempting malteser muffins and tasty cheesy feet biscuits; some great things to photograph. It was a small space with not so much light and as it was mid morning the place was buzzing with customers and bread baking but the end result is great and I am looking forward to going through the shots today. It's going to be quite tricky to choose for the magazine this time as I like a selection of the photos for different reasons... I've got to narrow it down to 5 and, as usual I took far to many photos! For now I thought I would just post a couple of my favourites and, considering I'm all about portraits, this time I'm all about bread. It's making me hungry!

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