Friday, June 29

going pro...

“ Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

I have always loved taking photos of people; capturing an emotion, holding on to a gorgeous little moment or somehow catching a kind of essence of the person I'm photographing. Someone told me that the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional is really just the amount of photos they have taken. I want to take that step and make this my full time career so I'm going to be taking a hell of a lot more photos!

I don't have any qualifications, not much training and in fact I'm pretty much self-taught but I really believe you don't have to go through the usual university route to become successful. It's a little more scary but there are other options. I'm going to continue to study and get as much experience as possible, maybe from becoming a photographer's assistant, maybe studying a course by myself or maybe just jumping in and seeing if anyone wants some portraits done! At the moment I don't actually know which route I'll take but it's going to be fun, after all who wouldn't want to take pictures for a living...

is it even work if you love it that much?

So... please critique, nudge, nitpick and comment. If you are a pro photographer or just know a little bit about it please share your tips, opinions, and advice. Any help welcome! 


  1. I think you are already doing a very good job. There's always two sides to photography: technique (which involves lots of maths and calculating etc.) which can be learned and creativity which is more or less talent. You are doing very well on creativity and the rest will come. I am the same. And terrible at calculating stops ;-)
    Good luck! And please get rid of that awful frame colour that spoils your pictures!!!

    1. Marie, thank you for your comments! I completely agree with you on the technical thing, there is a lot to learn! bit by bit...

  2. I saw this on twitter, good luck with your new venture! Your pictures look lovely and natural. And if you need to build up your portfolio I'm looking to get a few portraits taken for my website :)

    1. Catherine... thank you for your comment. If you are looking for some portraits definitely get in touch, don't know where in the country/world you are but you never know we could work it out!